I had chronic severe low back pain and intermitent cervical pain due to a whiplash. My car was rear ended in an auto accident. My chronic low back pain began 30+ years ago and the neck pain 35+ years ago. Basically these problems have necessitated my avoiding heavy lifting or overly stressing activity. I have had outstanding relief of pain from my chiropractic treatment and able to avoid back surgery. No members of my immediate family is under chiropractic treatment. However, my 92 y/o brother-in-law is now under regular chiropractic care and has been for 15 years. I am very thankful for my very effective chiropractic treatment. My great relief from back and neck pain through effective spinal adjustments at Brown Chiropractic has been a major blessing. Dr. Chad Brown and his staff are very caring, competent, and professional. Thankfully I have had monthly maintenance treatments for a number of years except for occasional pain and spinal misalignment due to overly strenuous activity. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Brown Chiropractic as a first resort for chronic or episodal back pain.

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