I started with low back pain, along with pain in hip and left leg; which was related to a fall from years before; which came on gradually. I was having difficulty walking and sitting for long periods of time. The vertebrae in the lower back was closed; and I was in a lot of pain; and taking pills for the symptoms. Which did not get to the root of my problem.

The choices you make for your family today will determine the outcome of their future. Healthy families equal healthy families. The little bit you spend now will reap a harvest of good health and lower health care cost in the future.

To be honest I had doubts about chiropractors. Dr. Brown sat down and took the time to explain everything and what it would take to make it better. After a few visits I was hooked. He and his staff are great--I'm not just a patient!

I have been coming to Brown Chiropractic for about 10yrs. I believe coming once a month has kept me from having a lot of the problems you can get from sitting at a computer all day.

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